The Anabolic Steroid Difference

It’s no surprise that the bodybuilder who uses anabolic steroids reigns supreme in his sport, whereas the all-natural bodybuilder, although he tries his hardest, simply cannot compete in this arena. They might both train as hard, put in the same number of hours in the gym, get the same amount of sleep and rest, adhere to the strictest dieting regimen available — but in the end the anabolic steroids athlete will come out on top with significant differences in size and strength compared to the all-natural athlete. There’s no shame in trying your hardest without the help of these supplements, but work harder versus work smarter prevails almost every time.

Bodybuilder one was at 6-feet tall and weighed in at 185lbs. Bodybuilder two came in just under 6-feet tall and weighed in at 189lbs. Both were eager and determined to push themselves through a grueling 12-week cycle to prepare themselves for an upcoming competition. Each was ready and willing to take on the challenge. Both bodybuilders completed a physical exam, neither had any outstanding issues to speak of, both were near the same age 25 and 27, and all blood and urine tests looks normal. Each came in with a fairly lean body fat ratio of 13 and 14%.

Each bodybuilder agreed to go with a power lifting routine, utilizing a strong-lifts-5×5 routine three times a week, with a few additional exercises following the routine to focus on specific body parts. When the program began, the first bodybuilder began a testosterone regimen, the other did not. Within two weeks of the first cycle, bodybuilder one had moved significantly beyond bodybuilder two in that he gained 7 lbs of mass and his strength had surpassed bodybuilder two by 15%.

The next phase included bodybuilder one taking in a cycle of dianabol and anadrol. Bodybuilder two maintained his routine but did add additional creatine supplements. At the end of the first month, bodybuilder one was 17 lbs heavier and his muscle mass was evidently larger than bodybuilder two, although bodybuilder two did appear leaner, with less body fat. Bodybuilder one was attacking the weights and dramatically pushing heavier weights during his workouts, pushing his muscles to higher rates of capacity with the boost of the anabolic steroid routine.

Bodybuilder number two ran into a problem midway through month two, as he injured himself during a squat routine and had to take a week off his leg workouts, focusing exclusively on the upper body without working the core. Meantime bodybuilder one kept increasing the weights and pushing himself beyond anything he’d seen in his lifetime. At the end of month two bodybuilder one had gained 25lbs of what appeared to be pure muscle mass as bodybuilder one seemed to flail to catch up.

The last few weeks prior to the competition were no different. Bodybuilder one shifted to a cutting phase stacking two anabolic steroids for sale which helped him burn more calories and work increasingly harder at the gym. Bodybuilder one re-injured himself and had to limp into the final stretch. In the end the results were remarkably different. It’s no guess as to who won the competition, right?